2.0 – Ninja Forms & WP Ninjas

It’s finally here!

I know everyone has been waiting a really long time for this. So have I. This is the culmination of several months work of completely rebuilding Ninja Forms from the ground up into the product it always had the potential to be: The best WordPress form creator ever. And while there may be some features you think are missing in order to claim such a title, our new code base gives us (and you) the ability to manipulate and extend Ninja Forms anyway you could possible need.

So today we are excited to announce that Ninja Forms 2.0 is now available!

What’s changed in v2.0?

Just about everything actually.

  • New FREE Core Codebase – No longer is there a PRO and LITE version of Ninja Forms. Instead we are releasing the very powerful core code of Ninja Forms completely free on the WordPress plugin repository. We hope this will invite other from the WordPress development community to join us in making it even more powerful than it already is.
  • Extensions – Instead of bloating the core code of Ninja Forms with all kinds of mainstream and fringe features we made core flexible enough to create any kind of add-on you could possibly need. You can purchase an extension to make Ninja Forms do even more or even build your own.
  • Better Documentation – While our documentation is a little light at the moment we have dedicated the next few weeks to filling in the gaps and making it an invaluable resource to all Ninja Forms’ users.

There is a lot more going on behind the scenes but we will save some of that for another day. For now download or upgrade Ninja Forms to version 2.0 and let us know what you think.

WP Ninjas in 2013

Ninja Forms isn’t all that’s new this year. We recently secured the .com domain for our name and relaunched our site here. The site is brand new and will be under dedicated development over the next month or so to work out any bugs and add some major enhancements. Here are a few of the things we’ve done so far.

  • New Members Are – Now you can log-in and see all of your WP Ninja products in one place as well as get the downloads and licenses.
  • Better Priority Support – We have always prided ourselves in providing top notch and extremely fast support, but providing that kind of support can sometimes be difficult at the one time cost we were charging. We’ve now implemented a paid priority support system to make it easier for us to provide more detailed support for those who require it. We also have a Basic (FREE) support area for addressing questions about our products.
  • Focused Blogging – We’ve cleaned up the blog and refocused how and what we want to be writing about. We’ve also added to the types of content we will be sharing and I think you will all really like the changes we’ve made and are going to make this year.

Again, a lot more happening and coming soon but we will need to write more about that later.

Here is looking forward to a fantastic year of great customers, great products, and great __________. You fill in the last one.

More to come.